D.C. Has a Grand Scheme

Gavin Scheme, Autumn Anderson, Dane Barker and Russ Robinson

Grand scheme is a D.C. based hardcore band fronted by Dane Barker. Their new demo, Grand Demo, is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

What is your name and role in the band?
Dane, Vocals
Autumn, Bass
Russ, Drums
Gavin, Guitar

Where are you from?
Dane — Tacoma, WA
Autumn — Tacoma, WA
Russ — Washington D.C.
Gavin — Maryland

How would you describe your demo to someone who's never heard it?
Dane — DC Hardcore in the year 2020.
Russ — Kinda sounds like Confront.
Gavin — Like covid-19 rolling through the east village on an April afternoon

What was the process like recording it?
Dane — Bomb. Bob Quirk recorded it at Ground Up in Richmond and helped us with any hiccups we had. He was supposed to be in the band but instead we are stealing his songs.
Russ — Bomb process. Recording is the second best part of being in a band next to hanging with the team.

“COVID-19 rolling through East Village on an April afternoon.”

What are your top influences?
Dane — Brotherhood, No Tolerance, Floorpunch, Breakdown.  Anyone locally making an effort to build their scene whether it be music, skating, whatever.
Autumn — Girls doing anything in male dominated spaces.
Russ — Friends
Gavin — Clevo/NYHC, my creative friends

What bands had the most influence on you as a kid?
Dane — As a kid, a lot of bad metal bands. But my earliest bands that still resonate with me, Smashing Pumpkins, Minor Threat and Conflict.
Autumn — No Doubt and Dixie Chicks were my favorite, strong female fronted bands.
Russ — Hearing the AFI track on THPS changed the game for me. Gavin — My dad gave me a copy of Offspring Smash and from there I just wanted to hear any aggressive music I could get my hands on. Getting into skating and hearing Pat Smith skate to Minor Threat was the springboard for me getting into hardcore.

What record has impacted you the most?
Dane — Minor Threat discography. 
Autumn — Purple Rain 1984 by Prince, my mom is a huge Prince fan.
Russ — Paul Simon’s Graceland is a big one for me.
Gavin — Neil Young Harvest.

When quarantine ends, what'll be the first thing you do?
Dane — I want to go skate Pulaski and eat a NuVegan chicken sandwich.  Wouldn’t mind seeing my dad in Olympia.
Autumn — I want to go to Pho Thien Phat and eat a 52 and a 46 with my best friend.
Russ — Hang with the squad
Gavin — Spend a fat afternoon at Pulaski, hug all my friends. Sit INSIDE a restaurant. Maybe cough in someones direction.

Top 5 movies?
Dane — You got this Gavin.
Autumn — Troll 2 that’s it.
Russ — Forrest Gumps gotta be on that list
Gavin — 1. Blue Velvet 2. Videodrome 3. The Shining 4. Grandma’s Boy 5. Eyes Wide Shut

Pie or cake?
Dane — Pie . 
Autumn — Cake.
Russ — Cake.
Gavin — Pie.

Favorite kind?
Dane — Apple.
Autumn — My favorite cake to bake is vegan carrot cake, but to eat, I’m a chocolate on chocolate type person.
Russ — Carrot cake, but really any cake that has cream cheese frosting.
Gavin — Apple gang.

What can't you eat?
Dane — I hate cucumbers.
Autumn — Anything that isn’t candy.
Russ — Bugs.
Gavin — I am a human garbage disposal.

Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?
Autumn — Yes, and probably for a good reason, but that is the least of my worries from that doc.
Russ — Yes.
Gavin — Without a doubt.

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