This is a Concept

What do your days look like right now?
Man, I dont even know what day it is tbh.

When did you get involved with visual art?
Ever since I could remember, Ive always had a camera in hand. Whether it was a camcorder or point and shoot, I have always been obsessed with documenting. The visual art came from being over the photography stuff. The game got watered down quick and everyone wanted to shoot street shit, so I went back to using a camcorder. I took mushrooms one day and thought itʼd be a good idea to open up my vcr and play with the insides. I immediately started seeing results. I would record my tv screen and post on IG. A dude reached out to me via IG, and told me digs what Iʼm doing and that we should
link. I normally dont meet up with randoms, but I decided to give it a shot. I showed up to his house and he invited me in. His room was filled with tv monitors and so many gadgets. That same day we searched on craigslist for video mixer and found some locally! Shane is the reason why Im doing this video shit, and I am fore

This is a Concept in Mexico City, 2020

At what times and where are you most creative?
My best work comes from a dark place. I hate being content.

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?
Converse Hi Tops, no question.

What's in your fridge?
Eggs, Arugula, Water, Kimchi, Prosciutto & Tris , to name a few.

Best way to make an egg?

What bands influenced you the most growing up?
Rage Against the Machine, AxRxM and Crass.

What influences you now?
Seeing all my friends flourish <3

Any good movies being watched in quarantine?

My life a movie.

What's Air?
Air started as a place where music and visual arts could coexist without having to cater to societyʼs standards. Air is a curated experience & a platform. I have been so blessed to have such talented people around me, I felt its only right to showcase their works in a unique, tasteful manner.

What's Hammer?
Hammer is Mike and myself. The idea was conceptualized one night over a few beers. We work within the industry and see how corny the streetwear world can be. We wanted to start something that almost goes against all of that. Our influences are extremely similar, so it only felt right. So far, it’s been going great and we have been fortunate enough to collaboratewith heavy hitters from the jump. Be on the lookout for all the new new!

What timeline are we living in?
We are living in a self-made generation. The audience is at the palm of your hands. If you arenʼt utilizing that, then youʼre blowing it.

When people aren't lurking your instagram what should they be doing?
Drinking water & staying in their lane.

Thanks for your time, is there anything else we need to know?
If you think youʼre too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito
in the room.

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