Bad Bunny’s Stylist Storm Pablo

It’s 11:30 PM, you open the doors to your day job (after hours). Your co-worker and best-friend tells you he’s moving to LA to pursue his dreams. Knowing moving to LA is a huge risk, you congratulate him and tell him “You’re going to do great things.” A couple of months later you find out he’s your favorite artists stylist, Bad Bunny.

During quarantine I took the time to catch up with Storm Pablo to talk about music, inspirations, and his upcoming brand Contra.

Damn, to be honest, I had never imagined I’d be interviewing you, this is a crazy feeling! For as long as I’ve known you, you have been grinding the whole time!
Aye thanks Z. It’s definitely been a journey but we in the buildin’.

Okay, let’s start this, for the people that don’t know who you are, what’s your name and what do you do?
Lol my real name is Manuel San Agustin Pablo III... but my mom always called me Storm so it stuck with me. I’m a celebrity stylist.

Where are you from?
I’m from Guam but my pops was in the military so I feel like every place I lived helped build me in a way.

What got you into the fashion industry?
I always loved expressing myself through clothing. I used to skateboard competitively when I was younger, fashion goes hand in hand with skating so I’d say that’s when it all started.

What inspires your style?
Whatever mood I’m in that day. Sometimes I dress for comfort and other times I try to make a statement with what I’m wearing. I try not to think about it too much and just do what feels right.

Bad Bunny, 2020. Photographed by STILLZ

What is the process of styling of Bad Bunny?
He gives me an idea of what he wants to wear and I help execute that. I got some people in a group text that I trust, so we’re always going back and forth, It’s a team effort. It makes my job easier with him always knowing how he wants to dress, he’s got good fashion sense. We’re always thinking of new ways to push the envelope.

Is your Spanish getting any better?
Si papi. Mamabicho Cabron :)

What did you do before you started styling?
I was dirt baggin. Working check to check. Bartending and sneaker stores. Those were good times though and stepping stones. Everything I did before styling prepared me for this very moment.

How have you been killing time during quarantine?
Before this, I was traveling so much for work. I’m trying to see the positive in all of this. When do you get to not do shit and sleep all day as an adult?… NEVER lol so yeah it ain’t all bad. I’ve been cooking, spending time with my dog, working on new designs for my new brand coming soon “Contra.”

Unreleased CNTRA, 2020

What music is getting you through this time?
I’m always in my r&b bag. The freaky shitz.

When this quarantine shit is over, how are you gonna attack 2020, or at this point, maybe even 2021?
I wanna take everything to the next level. Bossin’ up this year. Work on being more self-disciplined, that’s been big to me lately.

Thanks for the time Storm, but lastly, what words of wisdom would you give to a young creative?
Keep going and believe in yourself. Take risks and don’t be scared to lose. You can do it too.

Miss you bro, love you forever!

Text/Interview Zachary Fajardo

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